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Get LinkedIn: A Talent Manager’s Advice for College Students

by Allison Kruse, Aon Hewitt  We shop best price, find restaurants, even meet our future spouses using social media today. We can also interact with prospective employers and potentially land our dream job by optimizing our use of LinkedIn – that’s exactly why every college student needs to get LinkedIn….

8 Reasons Why Content Rules

by jjrusch Content rules because it drives written, visual and audio communications on the web. Without it, there’s nothing to talk about, engage with or show existing and potential customers. Considering that more than two thirds of the business cycle occurs before first contacts are made today, keeping up with content…

Why Colleges Need to Arm Their Students with LinkedIn Now

by mary toomey I spent time at Microsoft’s headquarters this summer helping employees with their LinkedIn profiles. I also had the pleasure of talking to a group of interns who were working on site while I was there. Ranging from freshmen to seniors in college, the students told me they…

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn 101 Should Be Standard Curriculum

by jjrusch According to After College Inc.’s 2013 College Job-Seeker Survey, 55% of polled graduates said they were unhappy with or never used Career Services at school. 48% said they wished there had been more focus on learning how to get jobs over standard classes. The need for early workforce…