Gratitude in Business | Do you really get it about giving?

By JJ Rusch Google gratitude in business and you’ll get loads of great links in return; most leading to articles on the benefits of thanking customers, workplace attitude and personal daily rituals. Expressing gratitude to customers, employees and listing the top ten things you’re grateful for each day are certainly…

Why Homeowners Relate to Workplace Marketing

By Mary Toomey & JJ Rusch There’s nothing worse than having one of those homes on your block – droopy gutter eyesores with broken garage doors and ratty looking grass. You cringe at the thought of what people think when they drive down your street and see the perpetually junk…

Got Profile? Get Found!℠ | Why You Absolutely Need to Kick Start a Polished LinkedIn Profile Now!

By JJ Rusch LinkedIn is on track to hit 5.3 billion professionally-based searches this year. What does/should that mean to you? Simply this: Your name, talents, job history, college and all kinds of other data about you are going to show up at some point in all that LinkedIn search….

The Top Ten Telling Comments You’re Not Hip to LinkedIn

By JJ Rusch      Follow @jjrusch Whenever I talk to someone who isn’t hip to LinkedIn I feel a bit of a letdown – like there’s an elephant in the room with a big detour sign on its back. What good reasons could there possibly be for ignoring one…

INSIDE PEEK | Building and Managing Online Communities

By Allison Kruse Before launching an online community, you have to be definitive: 1. What do you want to accomplish with your community – what are your goals? 2. How will you measure success? 3. Who is your target audience? Your mission and strategy must be absolute before digging in….